Peg Board (small)


Image of Peg Board (small)

(Human)crafted from wood. This is our take on the standard peg board that everyone loves to hate in their garage. When combined with another garage favorite, the bungee cord, the utility is taken to another level. Perfect for home, office, kitchen, or back in the garage, the possibilities are endless. A series of accessories that make the bungee even more functional are available here.

- Made by hand and machine in the USA
- 8.625 inches x 4.0625 inches x 0.75 inches
- Includes 2.5 feet of bungee cord (choose between white and bronze)

- Part of the Garage Series, whose designs were inspired by simple, functional shapes and materials from a garage.
- Please expect delivery in 2 to 4 weeks.


Image of Peg Board (small) Image of Peg Board (small)